Customer: Rolls-Royce PLC – Strategic Research Centre

Location: Derby, United Kingdom

Project: Customized drive system for a spinning rig


A customized drive system has been developed to drive a spin test facility, able to mount various exchangeable test equipment and drive gearing. The drive system is speed-controlled through a customized user interface on an operating PC, which allows the operator to create, load and execute motor speed profiles. Furthermore the operator can monitor the progress of a speed profile execution and can terminate a speed profile whenever required.

 Drive System User Interface

The drive system consists of a Siemens 1PV5135-4WS14 induction motor, a TI-4025 inverter to control the motor and a DCU-500 Drive Control Unit as supervisory controller for the drive system. The power supply is realized by three 20kW NLG664 battery chargers from Brusa, operating in parallel. A small battery pack, which consists of 28 pieces 22Ah VRLA Panasonic LC-XC1222P batteries , is required as a buffer and to absorb electric power when the motor is braking. The Drive Control Unit controls the chargers to keep the operating voltage at 360V. All control and communication is performed by Controller Area Network (CAN).

The maximum continuous motor power is 50kW and the maximum allowed motor speed is 10000rpm. The motor speed can be limited, based on the test equipment which is mounted.   

All components, including the liquid cooling for the inverter/motor and for the chargers, have been integrated in a steel frame with powder coated finish and removable panels for easy access to the drive system components. 

Drive System as delivered to Rolls-Royce
Drive System – all panel removed
Drive Control Unit, motor, inverter, cooling system for motor & inverter
Drive Control Unit, motor, inverter, cooling system for motor & inverter
Installing test equipment on the Drive System