Electric City Bus

Electric City Bus Customer: Elektricna Vozila F 

Location: Maribor, Slovenia 

Project: Customized drive system for an electric city bus 


A customized drive system has been developed to replace the original drive system of a Diesel-electric bus from Mercedes-Benz type Cito O520. The original Diesel engine, Siemens 1FV5139 generator and Siemens ELFA DUO inverter have been replaced by the TI-9025 traction inverter, which controls the original Siemens 1PV5138-4WS24 traction motor, and a 140 kWh Lithium-ion battery. 

A DCU-500 Drive Control Unit controls the traction inverter. Furthermore the Drive Control Unit controls two DC-DC converters from Brusa type BSC618-24V to supply the 24 V auxiliary grid and two 20 kW on-board chargers from Brusa type NLG664. Another DCU-500 hardware is used as Vehicle Control Unit for implementation of specific vehicle functionality. Control and communication is performed by CAN. 

The vehicle has been officially presented to the public on December 21st 2015. 

The electric bus is road legal and the electric milage during the period December 2015 – November 2017 is about 10000 km.

Movie of the bus presentation:

Original Drive System

After Refurbishment
Front side of the bus 
Rear side of the bus
Interior of the bus
Bus during presentation