epc-systems offers voltage source traction inverters which control three phase AC traction motors and -generators from a DC source. The liquid cooled power stack is based on SEMIX IGBT technology from Semikron. The following types are available:

TI-4520 – 100 kW output power, 450 V maximum operating DC input voltage.

Applications: Road vehicles, boats

TI-9025 – 200 kW output power, 900 V maximum operating DC input voltage

Applications: Light rail vehicles, road vehicles, boats

The TI-9025 replaces the TI-9030 which is no longer offered!

Both inverters are controlled by a supervisory controller through CAN. The signal motor interface is suitable to connect to Siemens motors/generators of the 1PV5/1FV5 series. Other brand three phase AC motors and -generators can be controlled too by these inverters if the speed/position sensor and temperature sensor inputs are compatible. Please contact epc-systems to discuss the technical details. Customizing of inverter parts or certification according to specific customer requirements is possible.